Product Innovation

Australians are changing the way they pay with unprecedented speed. Today, consumers want the ability to easily pay online and via mobile phones and other devices. Similarly, financial institutions and merchants are looking to payments companies to provide the innovation and leadership needed to keep pace with these rapid developments.

Visa’s role is to create the conditions for our financial institution and merchant partners to deliver new solutions to their customers. Our goal is to make Visa as easily accepted in the digital world as it is in the physical world.

We are always looking to the future purchasing environment. Visa’s big innovations include:

Visa payWave for mobile
Australians are the world’s biggest users of contactless ‘wave and go’ payments, with the majority of face-to-face Visa transactions now happening on Visa payWave. The next step is taking Visa payWave to the mobile, where consumers can make transactions using their smartphone and the same secure Visa payWave technology.

Click here for more information on Visa payWave for mobile. Visa payWave mobile fact sheet

Visa Checkout
Visa Checkout is an online checkout service that allows consumers to bring the card they prefer to use in the physical world to the online world, simply and easily – no matter what device they are using. Visa Checkout requires only a username and password to pay and eliminates the need to re-enter shipping and billing addresses.

For more information on Visa Checkout, click here.

Visa Direct
Visa Direct is a service we are bringing to Australia that enables payments to be sent to any eligible Visa account through any channel using any source of funds. This includes Visa accounts in the same country or overseas.  Visa Direct makes it convenient to split expenses, pay personal IOUs, send remittances or reload a prepaid.

This video contains more information about Visa Direct.


Tokenisation replaces cardholder information such as account numbers and expiration dates with a unique series of numbers (a “token”) that can be used for payment without exposing a cardholder’s more sensitive account information.

Payment tokens provide improved protection against potential misuse, because they are connected to a specific device or application. Tokenisation, while a largely invisible part of the payment process to consumers, will provide the foundation for future innovation. It will open up opportunities for new ways to pay and be paid – on the mobile, PC, tablet, and across future devices, whatever they may be.

For more information on tokenisation, see Visa’ white paper Tokenisation: Why Australia, Why Now