New Visa payment service speeds up small value transactions

Sydney, 22 June 2011

No signature or PIN required for transactions of $35 or less at participating retailers

Australian consumers can now use their Visa cards to pay for small value transactions of $35 or less without entering a PIN or signing a receipt, Visa announced today.
Visa’s Country Manager Australia Vipin Kalra, said a range of major retailers including Coles, Kmart and Woolworths have joined McDonald’s in providing the new service, which is designed to make it faster and more convenient for customers to pay with a Visa credit, debit or prepaid card.
“By removing the requirement to enter a PIN or sign for small value purchases, retailers can process transactions faster and reduce customer waiting times, which is especially important in a fast paced retail environment,” Mr Kalra said.
The service, called the Visa Easy Payment Service, can be used with Visa cards at participating retailers for purchases up to $35. Cardholders are still required to swipe or insert their cards into the terminal. The service has been introduced around the world in countries such as the US and parts of Asia, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong, delivering convenience to cardholders and merchants.
The service will be rolled out at a range of participating merchants across Australia over the next few months, including Coles Supermarkets and Kmart stores, where it is being introduced under the name Fast Pay[1].
Mr Kalra said while there was no PIN or signature, these small value transactions would carry the same security protections as all Visa transactions.
“Like all Visa transactions, Visa Easy Payment Service payments are highly secure and are electronically authorised by the card issuer. In addition, cardholders are protected by Visa’s Zero Liability policy[2], which means they are not held liable for unauthorised transactions.”
The service complements Visa payWave, which is Visa’s contactless payments technology. Customers can “wave and go” for purchases up to $100, by simply holding their Visa payWave card over a special contactless reader.
The Visa Easy Payment Service eliminates the need to sign or PIN for purchases up to $35 using any Visa card, but customers still need to swipe or dip their card into the terminal.
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[1] The service is called 'Fast Pay at Coles’ group stores.
[2] Visa's Zero Liability policy covers Australian and New Zealand-issued cards and does not apply to ATM transactions, transactions not processed by Visa or certain commercial card transactions. The cardholder must notify their issuer promptly of any unauthorised Visa use. Please consult your issuer for additional details.


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